6.S083 Computational Thinking (meets with 18.S191)


Undergraduate Level
Prerequisites: 6.0001 or programming experience, corequisite 18.02
Alternative to 6.0001/6.0002 for EECS; note 6.006 and 6.009 explicity require 6.0001 or ASE.
Satisfies Math or EECS elective
May be combined with 6.0001/6.0002
Units: 3-0-9
Instructors:  Profs. Alan Edelman (edelman@mit.edu); Charles Leiserson (cel@mit.edu); David Sanders
This class serves as an introduction to computational thinking, weaving the skills needed to participate in modern undergraduate open source research.  We use the Julia programming language to approach real-world problems in varied areas applying data analysis, computational and mathematical modeling. In this class you will learn computer science, software, algorithms, applications, and mathematics as an integrated whole.    Past applications have included image processing, epidemic modelling, and climate science.  Successful students often go on to UROP positions and apply computational thinking skills to classes where computation is not part of the curriculum. Class will build upon the fall 2020 video lectures.
Guest Lectures may include: Grant Sanderson (3-Blue-1-Brown), James Schloss, John Urschel, Huda Nassar, Henri Drake