6.S062 Fundamentals of Music Processing (meets with 21M.387)


Undergraduate Level

Prerequisites: 6.003, 6.01, and 21M.051

Units: 3-0-9

Instructor:  Prof. Eran Egozy (egozy@mit.edu)

Schedule: TR11-12:30, virtual instruction




Analyzes recorded music in digital audio form using advanced signal processing and optimization techniques to understand higher-level musical meaning. Covers fundamental tools like windowing, feature extraction, discrete and short-time Fourier transforms, chromagrams, and onset detection. Addresses analysis methods including dynamic time warping, dynamic programming, self-similarity matrices, and matrix factorization. Explores a variety of applications, such as event classification, audio alignment, chord recognition, structural analysis, tempo and beat tracking, content-based audio retrieval, and audio decomposition. Enrollment limited.


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