6.883 Data-Driven Decision Making and Society


Graduate Level - AAGS
Prereqs: Mathematical background at the level of 6.042/18.062 or equivalent; Machine learning background at the level of 6.036 or equivalent
Units: 3-0-9
Instructors:  Profs. Aleksander Madry (madry@mit.edu) and Asu Ozdaglar (asuman@mit.edu)
Schedule: MW 2:30pm-4pm, virtual
This subject qualifies as an Artificial Intelligence concentration subject.
Discusses how the broad deployment of the data-driven decision-making techniques impacts society. Surveys some of the key challenges, non-obvious interactions, undesirable feedback loops and unintended consequences that arise in this context. Topics covered will include data-driven approaches to criminal justice and predictive policing, use of data-driven decision making in social media, and the importance of the data provenance and dataset ecology. The class will involve extensive student-led in-class discussions and reading of the related research literature.
More information on how this subject will be taught can be found at: https://eecs.scripts.mit.edu/eduportal/__How_Courses_Will_Be_Taught_Online_or_Oncampus__/S/2021/#6.883