6.881 Optimization for Machine Learning


Graduate Level
Units 3-0-9
Prereqs: 18.06, 6.036; 6.041; 6.255
Instructor:  Professor Suvrit Sra
Schedule:  TR11-12:30, virtual instruction
This subject qualifies as an Artificial Intelligence concentration subject.
Covers topics in optimization inspired by machine learning. Particular emphasis is laid on large-scale optimization as well as non-convex optimization models, theory, and algorithms. The focus is on theory with an eye for practical value. Exposes students to research questions in the area of optimization.
More information on how this subject will be taught can be found at: https://eecs.scripts.mit.edu/eduportal/__How_Courses_Will_Be_Taught_Online_or_Oncampus__/S/2021/#6.881