6.402/6.482 Modeling with Machine Learning: from Algorithms to Applications (NEW)


Undergraduate (AUS2)/Graduate Level (AI concentration)
Prereqs: Calc II (GIR) and 6.0001; Coreq: 1.024, 2.161, 3.100, or 22.042
Units: 3-0-3
Instructors: Professors Tommi Jaakkola (tommi@csail.mit.edu), Regina Barzilay (regina@csail.mit.edu)
Schedule: MWF11, virtual instruction
Focuses on modeling with machine learning methods with an eye towards applications in engineering and sciences. Introduction to modern machine learning methods, from supervised to unsupervised models, with an emphasis on newer neural approaches. Emphasis on the understanding of how and why the methods work from the point of view of modeling, and when they are applicable. Using concrete examples, covers formulation of machine learning tasks, adapting and extending methods to given problems, and how the methods can and should be evaluated. Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments.
Students cannot receive credit without simultaneous completion of a 6-unit disciplinary module (see co-reqs above). Enrollment may be limited.
More information on how this subject will be taught at https://eecs.scripts.mit.edu/eduportal/__How_Courses_Will_Be_Taught_Online_or_Oncampus__/S/2021/#6.402 (6.482)