6.002/6.S078 Circuits and Electronics (Lab edition)


Undergraduate Level
Prerequisites: : Physics II (GIR)corequisite 2.087 or 18.03 
Units: 3-2-7 (6.002); 0-2-1 (6.S078)
Instructors:  Profs. Tomas Palacios (tpalacios@mit.edu); Jeffrey Lang (lang@mit.edu);

6.002 (Circuits and Electronics) this Spring will feature both labs and hands-on demos for both remote and on-campus students.
If you are interested in electronics, and have not taken 6.002 before, please considering taking the class this term. It will be a lot of fun and it will provide you with the right foundation to get started in this exciting discipline. We will send a USB-instrumentation kit to each student for you to have access to a 2-channel oscilloscope, 2 signal generators, a power supply and many more key electronics tools from home. This will be complemented with a large parts kit with lots of interesting chips and electronic modules. As the logistics for this are more involved than in regular years, we would appreciate if you could register/pre-register as soon as possible.
If you took 6.002 during the Spring or Fall of 2020, you can register this term for 6.S078, a 3 unit lab-only class, which will allow you to receive the instrumentation kit and do the 6.002 labs during the regular 6.002 lab schedule on Fridays. We will make sure to have enough office hours to accommodate different time zones and classes. 
6.002 Circuits and Electronics
Prereq: Physics II (GIR)Coreq: 2.087 or 18.03 
U (Fall, Spring)
3-2-7 units. REST
Fundamentals of linear systems and abstraction modeling through lumped electronic circuits. Linear networks involving independent and dependent sources, resistors, capacitors and inductors. Extensions to include nonlinear resistors, switches, transistors, operational amplifiers and transducers. Dynamics of first- and second-order networks; design in the time and frequency domains; signal and energy processing applications. Design exercises. Weekly laboratory with microcontroller and transducers.