Subject UPDATES Spring 2021


Check the subject updates for Spring Term 2021 by clicking on the appropriate subject card on this page. These comprise the known changes for subject offerings by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For further information about any subject contact the instructor directly.


6.S079 Superconducting Classical and Quantum Circuits -CANCELED.
CANCELED. Undergraduate Level; Units: 9; Prerequisites: 6.002 and 6.0001 or equivalent (6.013 highly recommended); Instructor: Professor Karl Berggren, (; Schedule: TR1-2:30, virtual instruction; Satisfies: none
6.883 Data-Driven Decision Making and Society
Graduate Level - AAGS; Prereqs: Mathematical background at the level of 6.042/18.062 or equivalent; Machine learning background at the level of 6.036 or equivalent; Units: 3-0-9; Instructors: Profs. Aleksander Madry ( and Asu Ozdaglar (; Schedule: MW 2:30pm-4pm, virtual; Satisfies: AAGS; AI concentration
6.802/6.874 Computational Systems Biology: Deep Learning in the Life Sciences
Undergraduate/Graduate Level; Prereqs: (7.05 and (6.0002 or 6.01)) or permission of instructor; Units: 3-0-9; Instructor: Professor Manolis Kellis (; Schedule: TR1-2:30, virtual instruction
6.401/6.481 Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis (NEW)
Undergraduate Level/Graduate Level; Prereqs: 6.0001 and (6.008, 6.041, or 18.600); Units: 4-0-8; Instructors: Prof. Yury Polyanskiy (; Schedule: MW2:30-4, virtual instruction; Satisfies: AUS2; AI
6.402/6.482 Modeling with Machine Learning: from Algorithms to Applications (NEW)
Undergraduate/Graduate Level; Prereqs: Calc II (GIR) and 6.0001; Coreq: 1.024, 2.161, 3.100, or 22.042; Units: 3-0-3; Instructors: Professors Tommi Jaakkola, Regina Barzilay; Schedule: MWF11, virtual instruction; Satisfies: AUS2, AI concentration (G)
6.S082 Introduction to Computational Science and Engineering (also under 16.901, 18.S190)
Undergraduate (2nd Half Term) 1/2 REST; Prerequisites: 6.0001 or permission of instructor; Units: 3-0-3; Instructors: Professors David Darmofal (, Laurent Demanet (; Schedule: MW3:00-4:30, online instruction; Satisfies: 1/2 REST
6.645 Physics and Engineering of Superconducting Qubits (meets with 8.582)
Graduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prerequisites: 6.728 or 8.06 or equivalent; Instructors: Professor William Oliver (; Schedule: TR2:304, virtual instruction ; Satisfies: Applied Physics Concentration
6.002/6.S078 Circuits and Electronics (Lab edition)
Undergraduate Level; Prerequisites: : Physics II (GIR); corequisite 2.087 or 18.03; Units: 3-2-7 (6.002); 0-2-1 (6.S078); Instructors: Profs. Tomas Palacios (; Jeffrey Lang (;
6.859 Interactive Data Visualization (NEW Previously 6.894)
Graduate Level; Prereqs: 6.031; Units: 3-0-9; Instructor: Prof. Arvind Satyanarayan (; Schedule: MW2:30-4, virtual instruction; Satisifies: Graphics/HCI concentration
6.S063/6.644 Principles and Applications of Quantum Optics: Fundamentals and Emerging Technologies
Undergraduate version counts as AUS; meets with Graduate version 6.644; Prerequisites: 8.04 or 8.05, 6.013 or 6.007 or 8.07 or 8.03 or 2.71; Units:3-0-9; Instructor: Prof. Dirk Englund; Schedule: TR1-2:30, virtual instruction; Satisifies: AUS; Applied Physics or Materials, Devices and Nano concentration
6.S975 Global Business of Quantum Computing (meets with 15.S20)
Graduate Level P/D/F; First half-term subject; Units: 2-0-1 Instructors: William Oliver (EECS) and Jonathan Ruane (Sloan)William Oliver (EECS) and Jonathan Ruane (Sloan); Schedule: TBD, virtual instruction; Satisfies:none
6.S911 Software Construction in Typescript: Course Development
Undergraduate Level; Units: 5-0-10; Prerequisites: 6.009 and prior Java programming experience; Instructors: Prof. Rob Miller (, Max Goldman (; Schedule: MWF11-12:30 +final exam at same time as 6.031; Enrollment limited to 40; Satifies: substitutes for 6.031
6.S083 Computational Thinking (meets with 18.S191)
Undergraduate Level Prerequisites: 6.0001 or programming experience, corequisite 18.02; Alternative to 6.0001/6.0002 for EECS; note 6.006 and 6.009 explicity require 6.0001 or ASE; May be combined with 6.0001/6.0002; Units: 3-0-9; Instructors: Profs. Alan Edelman (; Charles Leiserson (; David Sanders; Satisfies Math or EECS elective
6.S00 Introduction to Programming, Computer Science, and Computational Modeling
Undergraduate Level (meets with 6.0001/6.0002) REST; Prereqs: None; Units: 3-0-9; Instructors: Ana Bell,; Profs. John Guttag, and W. Eric Grimson; Schedule: Lecture: MW3-4.30, (VIRTUAL) Lab: TBA, Recitation: F10 (VIRTUAL) or F11 (VIRTUAL) or F1 (VIRTUAL);Satisfies: REST
6.884 Learning for Control / Computational Sensorimotor Learning
Graduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prerequisites: 6.036, 6.867, or permission of instructor; Instructor: Professor Pulkit Agrawal; Schedule: TR11-12:30, virtual instruction; Satisfies: AI concentration; AUS; II;
6.246 Reinforcement Learning: Foundations and Methods
Graduate Level; Units: 4-0-8; Instructor: Prof. Cathy Wu,; Professor Leslie Kaelbling,; Schedule: Lecture: TR1-2:30, Recitation: TBD, virtual instruction; Enrollment Limited to 60; Satisifies: Control concentration
6.S080/6.247 Principles of Modeling, Simulations and Control for Electric Energy Systems (meets with 6.247)
Undergraduate (AUS) meets with Graduate Level 6.247; Prerequisites: 6.S080 - 6.011, 6.002; 6.247 - 6.002; Units: 4-0-8; Instructors: Dr. Marija Ilic, Senior Research Scientist, (, Rupamathi Jaddivada, ( Prof. David Perreault (; Schedule: Lectures TR9:30-11, Recitation F9:30-11, virtual instruction Satisfies: UG none; G Control concentration
6.886 Algorithm Engineering
Graduate Level; Units 3-0-9; Prereqs: 6.046, 6.172; Instructor: Prof. Julian Shun (; Schedule: TR2:30-4, virtual instruction; Satisfies: CompSys concentration
6.881 Optimization for Machine Learning
Graduate Level; Units 3-0-9; Prereqs: 18.06, 6.036; 6.041; 6.255; Instructor: Professor Suvrit Sra; Schedule: TR11-12:30, room 32-155; Satisfies: AI concentration
6.S979 Multi-Stakeholder Negotiation for Technical Experts
Graduate Level; Units 2-0-4; Prereq: Permission of Instructor; Instructors: Samuel Dinnar; Schedule: T2-4pm, virtual instruction; Satisfies: none
6.S062 Fundamentals of Music Processing (meets with 21M.387)
Undergraduate Level; Prerequisites: 6.003, 6.01, and 21M.051; Units: 3-0-9; Instructor: Prof. Eran Egozy (; Schedule: TR11-12:30 virtual instruction