6.882 Embodied Intelligence


Graduate Level
Units: 3-0-9
Prerequisites: Required: 6.036 or 6.867 and 6.006 or 6.046
Recommended: one of 6.034, 6.804, 16.410, 6.834
Instructor:  Professors Phillip Isola
Schedule: Lectures TR1-2:30, room 32-044
Enrollment limited to 50
This subject counts as an Artificial Intelligence concentration subject.

The goal is to address the broad problem of designing a general-purpose intelligent robot. To address this question, a very broad background is required. We propose to spend the first 4 weeks covering important background topics: each week will combine a foundational tutorial reading with one or two state-of-the-art research results. In the subsequent weeks, we will address topics that cut across the basic disciplinary boundaries, typically combining two or more areas, with the work focused on studying and discussing current research in the relevant area.