6.886 Graph Analytics


Graduate Level
Units: 3-0-9
Prerequisites:  6.046, 6.172
Instructor:  Prof. Julian Shun (jshun@mit.edu)
Schedule:  WF2:30-4, room 56-154
This subject qualifies as a Computer Systems concentration subject.
Graph analytics have applications in a variety of domains, such as social network and Web analysis, computational biology, machine learning, and computer networking. This course will cover research topics in graph analytics including algorithms, optimizations, frameworks, and applications. Students will learn about both the theory and practice of designing efficient graph algorithms (parallel, cache-efficient, external-memory, etc.). We will also study design choices in high-level graph processing frameworks. Students will read and present research papers, and also complete a research project. This course is suitable for graduate students or advanced undergraduates who have taken 6.046 and 6.172/6.871.