6.S077 Design and Development of Web-based Products and Services


Prereq: 6.170 or permission of Instructor; Coreq: 6.UAT
Units: 3-0-3
Schedule: L TR1:30-3, room 56-154

Staff: Dr. Tony Eng, tleng@mit.edu



Introduces ideas from product design and product development as a methodology for creating new web-based products and services centered on validated user needs. Topics include opportunity selection, needs identification, needs specifications, concept design and needs validation. Remote interdisciplinary teams of management and computer science students work together to conceive, design and prototype a functional "proof of concept" for initial user testing by mid-semester. Students can then complete the implementation of this prototype during the latter half of the term as their UAP. Experience with web application development is a prerequisite; an interest in entrepreneurship and good communication skills are helpful. Must attend first class session. Enrollment limited to 20.