Subject Updates FT 2016


Check the subject updates for FT 2016 by clicking on the appropriate subject card on this page. These comprise the known changes for subject offerings by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For further information about any subject contact the instructor directly.

6.S062 Ethics and EECS
Undergraduate; Units: 2-0-4; Instructor: Prof. Bernhardt Trout; Schedule: M3-5, room 36-153
6.S064 Circuits and Electronics (6.002x)
Undergraduate; Prerequisites: Physics II (GIR); Coreq: 18.03 or 2.087; Units: 4-1-7; Scheduled: Online learning with three exams; Instructor: Prof. Gerry Sussman
6.889 Advanced Topics in the Theory of Cryptography
Graduate; Units: 3-0-9; Prerequisite: 6.875J or permission of instructor; Schedule: TR1-2:30, room 1-190 Instructor: Prof. Shafi Goldwasser along with Adam Sealfon, Justin Holmgren, Aloni Cohen, and Sunoo Park
6.S082/6.645 Principles and Applications of Quantum Optics
Undergraduate (AUS) meets with Graduate version 6.645; Prerequisites: 8.04 or 8.05, 6.013 or 6.007 or 8.07 or 8.03 or 2.71; Units: 2-0-10; Instructor: Prof. Dirk Englund; Schedule: TR1-2:30, room 4-231
6.S898 Proofs, beliefs and algorithms through the lens of Sum of Squares
Graduate; Units: 3-0-9; Prerequisites: Main requirements are a combination of algorithms (6.046/18.410 or equivalent), probability (6.041 or 18.600), discrete math (6.042 or 18.200), and/or mathematical optimization (6.251/6.255 or equivalent); Instructors: Boaz Barak (Harvard CS), Pablo A. Parrilo (MIT EECS); Schedule: Fridays 10-1, room 5-234
6.S084 Electromagnetic Fields, Forces and Motion
Undergraduate; Prerequisites: 8.02, 18.03; Units: 3-0-9; Instructors: Professor Jim Kirtley ( Schedule: MW1-2:30, room 1-150
6.S080 Brief Introduction to Python
Undergraduate; Prereq: None; Units: 0-1-2; Schedule: TBD Instructor: Adam Hartz,