6.348 Radar Systems and Signal Processing


Graduate H-Level
Units: 4-0-8
Prerequisites: 6.011
Instructor: Dr. James Ward, Assistant Head, Communication Systems Division, Lincoln Laboratory (jward@ll.mit.edu)
Schedule: L TR1-2:30, Room 4-149, Recitation F1, Room 4-149
This subject qualifies as a Signals & Systems concentration subject.

Introduction to radar, design and performance of radar signal processing for detection, estimation, and imaging. Radar equations. Hypothesis testing; detection in noise, coherent and noncoherent integration, statistical target models. Waveform design, ambiguity functions, matched ltering. Clutter cancellation and moving target detection. Optimal and adaptive Doppler processing. CFAR detection. Target parameter estimation, performance bounds.

Maximum likelihood estimation. Phased array antennas, adaptive beamforming. Synthetic aperture radar, imaging algorithms, change detection. Selected special topics such as space-time adaptive processing, MIMO and bistatic radar concepts.