6.S080 Hacking the Future: The Fall of COVID (also 15.S19, 2.S19)


Undergraduate Level
Units: 3-6-3
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: Bill Aulet, Anette (Peko) Hosoi, Michallana Jester, Simon Johnson, Chap Lawson, and Ronald Rivest
Schedule: MW3:30-5, virtual instruction
Hacking the Future (“HF”) is a new, cross-disciplinary, project-based course open to all students at MIT, as well as at Wellesley and Harvard. HF has been co-founded by faculty from Engineering, Global Economics and Management, Entrepreneurship and Political Science to help students prepare for a future of increasingly rapid change and associated social disruption. It is a hands-on course that embodies mens et manus – a practical application of proven frameworks and processes to help solve or ameliorate the most intractable problems in the world today.

In this course, students will learn how to help address the aforementioned problems. They will do this by applying a proven disciplined entrepreneurial framework and process combined with engineering tools and thinking. Students will also learn how to integrate public policy considerations to ensure that their efforts have maximum impact. In this inaugural semester of the course, students will identify problems they want to solve related to COVID-19, in all of its dimensions.