6.S077/6.S974 Entrepreneurship for Collaborative Machine Intelligence


6.S077 (UG) meets with 6.S974 (G)
Units: 2-0-1
Half-term subject (meets wks 8-15)
Pre-reqs: none
Instructors:  Julie Shah (Aero/Astro), arnoldj@MIT.EDU  and Bill Aulet aulet@mit.edu (Sloan School),  and Gary Gensler (Sloan School) gensler@mit.edu,  and Jonathan Ruane (Sloan School Visiting Lecturer) jruane@mit.edu  

Schedule:  Fridays 3-5, virtual instruction
Satisfies: none
We believe that in the future, humans and machines (robots, computers, etc.) do not need to be in competition with one another. To the contrary, we envision a world in which humans and intelligent machines work together collaboratively to achieve what neither can do alone.  The class will be held in conjunction with the new MIT Collaborative Intelligence Entrepreneurship Competition, which will bring together students from multiple disciplines across the Institute to advance innovative ideas that leverage artificial intelligence and computational capabilities with the explicit aim of empowering humankind. The overarching goal of the competition is to launch products/new ventures ready for investment and commercialization.