6.S076 Neural Circuits for Cognition (meets with 9.49)


Undergraduate Level
Units: 3-0-9
Prerequisites: 9.40, 18.06, or permission of instructor
Instructor:  Prof. Ila Fiete, fiete@mit.edu
Schedule: Lectures TR2:30-4, online instruction
Satisfies:  EECS requirement.
Takes a computational approach to examine circuits in the brain that perform elemental cognitive tasks: tasks that are neither directly sensory nor directly motor in function, but are essential to bridging from perception to action. Covers circuits and circuit motifs in the brain that underlie computations like integration, decision-making, spatial navigation, inference, and other cognitive elements. Students study empirical results, build dynamical models of neural circuits, and examine the mathematical theory of representations and computation in such circuits. Considers noise, stability, plasticity, and learning rules for these systems. Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments.