6.893 Protecting Privacy with Cryptographic Systems


Graduate Level
Units: 3-0-9
Prerequisites: 6.033 and 6.857 or 6.875, or equivalent introductory cryptography subject
Instructor:  Professor Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, henryg@csail.mit.edu
Schedule: Lecturers MW1-2:30, online instruction
This subject counts as a Theoretical Computer Science concentration subject. This course will focus on using cryptographic techniques to build privacy-preserving computer systems. We will cover both recent developments in cryptographic protocols (for private information retrieval, private set intersection, and multiparty computation), and state-of-the-art deployed systems for private web browsing, private advertising, and privacy-preserving machine learning. Throughout the semseter, invited speakers from civil society, industry, and government will share their experiences with deploying and using privacy technology in practice.