6.S978 Negotiation and Influence Skills for Technical Leaders


Graduate Level
Units: 2-0-4*
Prerequisites: none
Instructor:  David Nino, Senior Lecturer, Gordan-MIT Engineering Leadership Program (dnino@mit.edu)
Schedule: Lecture T1-3, room 66-144
The course is designed around the premise that the ability to negotiate is essential to being an effective leader in technology and engineering environments. The overall goal of this course is to provide graduate engineering students with a repertoire of negotiation strategies and practices that pertain to the problems and conflict situations faced by technical leaders who tend to be lead without formal authority. We will introduce research-based approaches and analytical frameworks with a learning design will enable students to develop negotiation skills experientially and reflectively through simulations, role plays, and case studies
*Companion 6 unit subject, 6.S979, will be offered ST20