6.S898 Climate Change Seminar (also under 12.S992)


Graduate Level
Units: 3-0-9
Prereq: Permission of Instructor
Instructors: Profs. Ron Rivest, Alan Edelman, and John Fernandez
Schedule: Lectures T1-2:30, room 56-167, Seminar Fridays 1-2:30, room 6-120
Provides a broad overview of issues related to climate change, with an emphasis on those aspects most relevant to computer scientists. Topics include climate science, climate models and simulations, decision-making under uncertainty, economics, mitigation strategies, adaptation strategies, geoengineering, policy-making, messaging, and politics.  Course includes reading and discussion of recent publications and attending guest lectures. Involves project formulation, culminating in a presentation of a research project which might include a paper, a blog, or software.
Enrollment limited.