6.S084/6.884 Computational Aspects of Therapeutic Design


Also offered under 20.S940 (U) and 20.S948 (G)
Graduate/Undergraduate Level
Units:  3-0-9
Prereqs:  6.036 or 6.802
Instructor:  Professor David Gifford (dkg@mit.edu)
Schedule:  Lecture TR11-12:30, room 56-114
This subject qualifies as an Artificial Intelligence concentration subject.
Computational methods in the design and analysis of therapeutics, including small molecules, biologics, and synthetic biology approaches.   Lectures will present essential computational methods on molecular design and optimization drawing upon recent results in machine learning. Classes will include presentations by students on recent research results related to the computational design of therapeutics and efficacy.   Problem sets will explore computational methods for therapeutic design.  Topics include protein design, antibody optimization, small molecule design and characterization, and the engineering of viruses and cell lines for therapeutic effect. Experts from industry will present on their views of the promise of computational approaches, what is working, and what is needed.