Subject UPDATES for Fall 2018


Check the subject updates for Fall Term 2018 by clicking on the appropriate subject card on this page. These comprise the known changes for subject offerings by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For further information about any subject contact the instructor directly.

6.S198 Deep Learning Practicum
Undergraduate Level; Units: 3-3-6; Prereq: 6.034 or 6.036; Permission of instructor required; Instructors: Hal Abelson (, Natalie Lao (; Schedule: MW3-4:30, room 56-154
6.S899 Artificial Intelligence (meets with 6.034)
Graduate Level; Prereq: 6.0001; Units: 4-3-5; Lecture Schedule: MWF10, room 10-250; Section Schedule: F11, room 32-144; Instructor: Prof. Randy Davis
6.807 Computational Fabrication will meet with 6.839
Taught with 6.839; Undergraduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prereq: 6.837 or permission of instructor; Instructor: Professor Wojciech Matusik; Schedule: TR2:30-4, room 26-328, Lab: Fridays
6.S081 Human Computational Intelligence
Undergraduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prerequisites: 6.034; Instructor: Professor Robert C. Berwick (; Schedule: MW1-2:30, room 56-154
6.S974 Decentralized Applications
Graduate Level Units: 3-0-9 Prerequisites: 6.033; programing experience; or permission of instructor Instructor: Professor Robert Morris, Schedule: TR1-2.30, room 4-237
6.S063/6.644 Principles and Applications of Quantum Optics
Undergraduate version counts as AUS; meets with Graduate version 6.644; Prerequisites: 8.04 or 8.05, 6.013 or 6.007 or 8.07 or 8.03 or 2.71; Units: 3-0-9; Instructor: Prof. Dirk Englund; Schedule: TR1-2:30, room 4-231
6.332 Advanced Topics in Power Electronics
Graduate Level; Units: 3-5-4; Prerequisites: 6.334 or permisison of instructor; Instructor: Professor David Perreault,; Schedule: MWR10, room 34-303
6.881 Intelligent Robot Manipulation
Graduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prerequisites: 6.006 and 6.041 and (18.06 or 2.087); Instructors: Profs. Tomas Lozano-Perez and Russ Tedrake Schedule: TR2:30-4, room 32-124