Wireless Networks & Mobile Computing

  • Lynch builds system for collective memory - a way to preserve information in constantly changing networks, without resorting to a shared server. read more...
  • CSAIL Postdoc Chintan Vaishnav has presented a mathematical analysis of the effects of regulation on the telecommunications industry to an audience of regulators and other academics, suggesting that regulators concentrate more on building consensus among disparate economic stakeholders while preventing companies from stifling competition through market dominance.
  • EECS/CSAIL Professors Hari Balakrishnan and Samuel Madden have been developing a way for cars to be used as ubiquitous, highly reliable mobile sensors--by developing a new algorithm to optimize the dissemination of data through a network of cars with wireless connections.
  • EECS Professors Dina Katabi and Muriel Medard have teamed to establish a new field (network coding).
  • CSAIL Research Scientist David Clark, one of the Internet's chief architects weighed in on net neutrality as the issues of Internet and network ownership and control mount.


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