Alumni in EECS Connector 2014


Six EECS alumni were featured in the 2014 MIT EECS Connector, pages 76-87.  Read any one of these features by clicking on the title within each card. 

Limor Fried '03, MEng '05
As a maker-movement pioneer, Fried says she hopes to inspire a “culture of makers” by sparking people’s interest in building not only their own electronics, but also their own tech startups. “Adafruit not only wants to make more makers, we want to help inspire people to make businesses — and make even more makers,” Read more about Limor Fried!
Shyam Gollakota PhD ‘12
“The drive to achieve big things was contagious at MIT and hard not to catch!” He describes the times he worked with Prof. Katabi as fun and intellectually stimulating — including discussions about research that extended to the early morning hours. Read more ~
William Irving '87 (6-1), SM '91, MEng '92, PhD '95
As an undergraduate at MIT, Bill Irving was struck by two realities: how positive he found his experience being part of the Chi Phi fraternity and how potentially demoralizing it was to keep up with all the brilliant people in his classes. Read more.
Conor Madigan '00 PhD
In 2007 Madigan found his answer to his career choice was increasingly weighted towards building a new company. Developing his startup pitch deck was an exciting process. Read more about Conor Madigan's exciting path to founding Kateeva.
Bill Thies '01, MEng '02, PhD '09
Bill Thies was a top student. At the end of undergrad, he had a perfect GPA and a world of opportunities. When he graduated from MIT with his PhD in computer science in 2008, Bill was at the top of his field... read more.
Andrea Wong '88
Andrea Wong grew up in Silicon Valley attending the high school that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak went to. Technology was all around her. “I was a good math student, so everyone told me that I should be an engineer. I wanted to go to the best school possible, and MIT was it.” Read more!