Alumni in EECS Connector 2012


Ten EECS alumni were featured in the 2012 MIT EECS Connector.  Read any one of these features by clicking on the title within each card.  

Pawan Deshpande, MIT ‘06, MEng ‘07
Since he was in the fourth grade, Pawan Deshpande has been fascinated with computing, programming and online content. read more...
Ted Tewksbury, MIT ‘83, SM ‘87 and PhD ‘92
"I never set out to be a CEO. I just wanted to be a great engineer and create innovative products. Along the way, I discovered that.. " read more
Todd Coleman, MIT SM ‘02, PhD ‘05
"As a professor in bioengineering at UCSD, my research is multi-disciplinary at its core. I attribute the ability to make connections between biology and engineering to my training in Course VI at MIT..." read more
Wendi Heinzelman, MIT SM ‘97, PhD ‘00
“I went into an academic research career in order to have impact—through my research, through my teaching, and through my mentoring of graduate students.”
Sachin Katti, MIT PhD ‘09
"I started down this research path itself quite serendipitously, and the story speaks to the amazing nature of research connections you can make at MIT from random conversations."
Yehia Massound, MIT PhD '99
"It was at MIT where my limits were really challenged. I learned that intelligence can only take a person so far but if combined with strong commitment and consistent work, it can lead to profound success." -- Yehia Massoud
Sridevi Sarma, MIT PhD ‘06
"Sri’s path to brain-implant controller design started during the time she was doing her doctoral studies in LIDS. While her graduate studies were focused on control theory, she was taking courses in neuroscience on the side."
Mark Somerville, MIT PhD ‘98
"For me, these themes – intensity and commitment, the virtue of trusting students to go further than the ‘ought to’ be able to, and the rewards of working with students and seeing them develop as thinkers, as doers, and most of all as people – have formed the foundation for my work..." read more
David Wentzlaff, MIT PhD ‘11
"I chose to go to MIT after visit day weekend. I just loved the environment, loved the faculty, and loved the students. After all of my years in graduate school, my first impressions did not waiver, the community at MIT and EECS is what makes it such a great place."
Vanessa Wood, MIT PhD ‘11
"From the outside, MIT has a reputation of competition; however, as a student in EECS, I found the opposite to be true. Whether it was studying for an exam with fellow students or replacing tubing for a water-cooling system in lab, there was always willingness to share knowledge and lend a hand."