PHOTO 1 - Alumni feedback


Remember This?  Photo 1

PHOTO 1:  Alumni submissions:


Michael Geselowitz
S.B. Course VI, 1978 (+ S.B. Course 21, 1980)

"Looks like the famous Anechoic Chamber in Building 20 where Beranek and Bose, among others, did seminal work, but I can't be sure. By the time I showed up, it had been converted into a darkroom for the Center for Materials Research in Archaeology and Ethnology (where I spent many fun hours having allergic reactions to photochemicals)"


James McGaughy
BSEE 1964

"This is the anechoic (no echos) in old Bldg 20(?). I did my bachelor's thesis on the human localization of a tone in the presence of masking noise. This work was done under Nat Durlach in course VI.

I had a test subject who sat blindfolded in a dentist's chair with her head fixed while she tried to point out the location of a tone with a lot of white noise blasting away."


Roger Buck
BSEE, 1958

"In the summer of 1957 I worked at the Acoustics Lab and used the anechoic chamber to draw response curves of my AR-1W speaker."