Industrial Connection Program


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, MIT recruiting events are currently virtual (no events take place in-person on campus).

All Industrial Connection Program (ICP) events will all be in a remote format until further notice. If you have questions about any upcoming event, please email


The MIT Industrial Connection Program (ICP) is an affiliate program to enhance company visibility for the purpose of recruiting students in MIT’s department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS).   Upon joining the ICP, companies receive customized advice and assistance in communicating information to the students about the company and its job opportunities, as well as access to special ICP benefits and events.  

Students who attend ICP events learn about industry expectations and corporate cultures and gain a better understanding of how their own skills fit summer internship and full time job opportunities.  They also develop communications skills by networking with company representatives and gain knowledge that helps them make better decisions about their careers.

ICP primarily reaches the undergraduate and MEng students in the EECS department, although some PhD students do attend ICP events.  ICP does not connect companies with faculty or research groups -- that is the domain of the Labs Affiliated with the EECS Department.  See EECS Research.  To learn more about becoming a corporate member and the current annual fee, please send an email to

Core ICP Membership Benefits

• ICP Career Fair in September

• Fall and Spring Semester Info Sessions and/or Tech Talks

Members may schedule one fall semester and one spring semester on-campus ICP event for their company, featuring company speakers, recruiting presentations, technical talks, contests, and/or social gatherings with EECS students.  These events are typically held weekday evenings in a conference room near EECS headquarters. ICP handles all logistics including the venue reservation, AV, ordering refreshments, and pre-event receipt of giveaways and literature.  ICP also assists with designing and disseminating email publicity and posts event flyers near EECS classrooms and labs. 

• Recruiting Assistance throughout the year

The ICP director works with members to help design and communicate recruiting messages to the MIT EECS students via email throughout the year.  ICP members also receive free access to the annual HKN (Eta Kappa Nu) online resume book.

For more information about becoming a corporate ICP member, contact:
Cynthia Skier, Director
phone: (617) 253-5580