EECS International student in Japan - part of MISTI program









The EECS International program under the direction of the EECS International Group, whose members are listed right, aims at promoting international engagement for EECS students and faculty.

  • Increase the level of international engagement for students and faculty and to become as pervasive as UROPs for undergraduates.
    • Flexibility in curriculum
    • Summer internships encouraged
    • Integrate students' international experience with their on-campus education (such as VI-A International, for example).
    • Recognize and support student-initiated international programs (such as AITI, teaching abroad).
  • Share curriculum and teaching methods through Global Education
    • Engage several premier foreign universities to participate.
    • Invite young faculty from participating universities abroad to come to MIT EECS to learn teaching methods.
    • Promote this methodology through subsequent visits by MIT graduate students and faculty, and/or UROP students who worked with foreign faculty to home (foreign) university.
    • Coordinate with EECS affiliated labs to host visiting faculty.
  • Maintain pre-eminence with educational mission at the forefront:
    • Synergy between teaching and research
    • No compromise on excellence
  • Partner with other international programs across MIT, incluing MISTI.