Discover EE at MIT - A Course 6 Freshman Pre-Orientation Program


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Incoming Freshmen: Discover Electrical Engineering @ MIT!

Since 1996, incoming MIT freshmen have participated in Freshman Pre-Orientation Programs (FPOPs). Offered immediately prior to orientation, in areas such as leadership, the arts, athletics, service, and academics, these are special programs introducing incoming freshmen to the MIT community.

After many successful years of Discover Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (DEECS), the MIT EECS department has developed a new FPOP: Discover Electrical Engineering (DiscoverEE). Designed to introduce incoming freshmen to electrical engineering, DiscoverEE gives exposure to the relevance and importance of the field, as well as to the MIT’s particular departmental strength in electrical engineering. With CS having exploded in popularity over the past decade at MIT, DiscoverEE intends to promote similar growth in EE at MIT.

MIT EE graduates find themselves in almost every field of academia and industry, including communications, entrepreneurship, biological and medical engineering, manufacturing, physics, finance and consulting, and many more. MIT's EE program is designed to give the breadth of problem solving tools and creative thinking needed to tackle any of these fields through electrical engineering, and there are great opportunities to specialize and apply these skills as one advances through the program.

During DiscoverEE, we familiarize you with the department through research presentations, lab tours, and a engineering design project. We introduce you to other students and faculty, as well as show you around MIT and the Boston area. DiscoverEE provides an excellent introduction to electrical engineering at MIT: its program is designed to be both challenging and exciting, regardless of your experience in the field. All that is needed is an interest in electrical engineering.

Throughout the five days, you will see demonstrations of cutting-edge research in a variety of labs across campus. You will also work in groups to build a working speaker system, a great opportunity to learn and apply core EE skills while seeing if the department may be the right fit for you. During DiscoverEE, you will spend five days with 20-25 other freshmen who are also new to MIT, giving you a great opportunity to make new friends before orientation even starts. You will also get to know our counselors, current EECS undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. They will be able to answer any questions that you have, including how to plan your first academic year, how to get involved with research, and what it is like to be an Course 6 student at MIT.

We introduce you to MIT, as well as some of the best Boston has to offer. You will get to know your way around campus and see the beach. You will venture into the city, seeing some of Boston’s prime shopping centers and best museums, and eating at a few of MIT students' favorite restaurants.. There will be opportunities for soccer, ultimate frisbee, movies, and other activities. And we will bring you some of the many varieties of delicious food the area has to offer. All in all, we want to help you become comfortable with the people and opportunities that will shape your MIT experience.