Smoothing out rough edges on sketches

MIT researchers have developed an algorithm that could save digital artists significant time and frustration when vectorizing an image for animation, marketing logos, and other applications. Image: Ivan Huska

Rob Matheson | MIT News Office


Artists may soon have at their disposal a new MIT-developed tool that could help them create digital characters, logos, and other graphics more quickly and easily. 

A 'GPS for inside your body'

Professor Dina Katabi is leading the team developing ReMix. Photo: Simon Simard

Investigating inside the human body often requires cutting open a patient or swallowing long tubes with built-in cameras. But what if physicians could get a better glimpse in a less expensive, invasive, and time-consuming manner?

Constantinos Daskalakis wins prestigious Nevanlinna Prize

Professor Costis Daskalakis.                                                                                Photo: Courtesy of Professor Daskalakis

Adam Conner-Simon | CSAIL


EECS Professor Constantinos (“Costis”) Daskalakis has won the 2018 Rolf Nevanlinna Prize, one of the most prestigious international awards in mathematics.


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