Chan & team develop speedier Internet using pure optical data transmission

EECS faculty member Vincent Chan, the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has demonstrated with his research team including EECS faculty member Muriel Médard, a new way of organizing optical networks that, in most cases, would eliminate the inefficient switching from optical data flow to electrical signals and back. The gains could result in an Internet from 100 to 1000 times faster and more efficient.

Linked Data, a Semantic Web tool, to be taught by Berners-Lee & team FT2010

EECS faculty member Tim Berners-Lee and a group of Boston web gurus will be leading a new graduate H-level class, 6.898, titled Linked Data Ventures: New Web Technologies, Standards, and Business Models. Co-instructors include CSAIL's K. Krasnow Waterman and Lalana Kagal, plus IT entrepreneurship experts Reed Sturtevant and Katie Rae.

Rajeev Ram selected as MacVicar Faculty Fellow 2010

As reported by the MIT News Office, March 10, 2010, EECS faculty member Rajeev Ram is one of four MIT faculty who have been selected as the 2010 MacVicar Faculty Fellows for outstanding undergraduate teaching, mentoring and educational innovation. Other MIT faculty selected include Anette (Peko) Hosoi, of mechanical engineering, Krishna Rajagopal, of physics, and Norvin Richards, of linguistics and philosophy.

Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) researchers work to implant the chips that will sow tomorrow's medical revolution

As reported today in the MIT News Office "Revolutionizing medicine, one chip at a time, Low-power computer chips allow engineers to design wearable and implantable devices to monitor patients," researchers in the Microsystems Technology Laboratories, MTL, have been building the infrastructure to allow for a major new generation of biomedical microelectronic devices.


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