Willsky is selected for NAE membership

Alan Willsky, the Edwin Sibley Webster Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the Director of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS), is one of five MIT faculty selected this year for membership in the National Academy of Engineering as announced today on the NAE website. Willsky is cited "for contributions to model-based signal processing and statistical inference."

Medard, Katabi work together to advance network coding

EECS Professors Dina Katabi and Muriel Medard have teamed to establish a new field (network coding). Read about how Medard's initial paper written ten years ago established network coding and a following paper by Medard and Katabi presented in 2006 built the means for implementation. Both papers have been cited by the IEEE in 2009 - the first for its seminal contributions to the field that’s come to be known as “network coding,” and the second for presenting the first implementation of the new field.


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