Demaine father-son team are featured artists at MOMA

Erik Demaine, the Esther and Harold Edgerton Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, and his father, CSAIL visiting scientist Martin Demaine, are among four groups of MIT 'artists' featured at the Museum of Modern Art, MOMA, in New York City running until early May. The Demaines' sculptures part of the show titled "Design and the Elastic Mind," feature mathematically and algorithmically based origami.

Akinwande leads development of new sensor

EECS Professor Akintunde Ibitayo Akinwande, working with MIT research scientist Luis Velasquez-Garcia in the Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) has developed a tiny sensor that can detect minute quantities of hazardous gases, including toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents. The device will potentially be used to help protect water supplies, to aid in medical diagnostics in addition to detecting hazardous gases in the air.


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