6.S193 Introduction to EECS Prototyping


Units: 0-3-0
Prerequisites: none
Instructors: Prof. Karl Berggren, Gavin Darcey and Dave Lewis
Schedule: Thursdays 2-5, room 38-501
Enrollment limited.
In this hands-on, project-based course, students will learn the foundations of project design
and fabrication. Basic manual mechanical tools will be introduced to gain familiarity
with mechanical construction techniques as commonly seen in EECS areas. Electrical
fabrication will include learning to solder and debug circuits using a variety of electronic
test and measurement equipment. Rapid mechanical prototyping tools will be heavily
used as students are extensively trained on the safe use of laser cutters, thermoformers, 3D
printers, and the requisite design software. Students will learn to design a circuit schematic
and printed circuit board (PCB) to receive signcant practice with sourcing components
and interconnects, and reading and producing technical documentation. This class will be
taught in the Cypress Engineering Design Studio (EDS) and enrollment will be limited to