17. - 21. Submitting the Thesis


17. Deadlines and Extensions

This academic year's deadlines are listed on the front page of this document. Note that the Department's final thesis deadlines are much LATER than the Institute's deadlines. Going past the Institute's Deadline to the Department's Deadline is NOT considered an extension and does NOT require any permission. The Institute Deadline means nothing to Course 6 students. Do NOT call us or email to check the deadline: Trust us!

Here's Why: The Department Deadline is later than the Institute one because the Institute allows about ten days after its deadline for supervisors to read and grade theses. We know from experience that by the time they are ready to sign theses, supervisors know the grade.  Students must bring to us the completed grade sheet with the final copy of the thesis.

The Department's thesis deadline means that students who hand in theses after that date are not guaranteed that their final thesis grade will be posted in time for them to graduate that term. Students who hand in a thesis late may be able to graduate at Commencement but not have their names in the Commencement Book. Students who fail to graduate because their thesis wasn't submitted in time will have to register for the following term, get on that term's degree list, and graduate at the end of it. No extensions of that guarantee beyond the final Department Deadline (as listed on the front of this guide) are possible. No thesis supervisor is empowered to extend the deadline. Since there are no extensions, there are no forms to be filled out to get an extension.

18. Supervisor's Signature and Final Grade

Try not to wait until the afternoon of the deadline to submit your thesis. Make sure well in advance that your supervisor will be here when you need his or her signature; no thesis can be accepted without the student's and supervisor's original signature on the title pages. The Department signature (Katrina LaCurts) will be furnished automatically later. Be sure to download and print a grade sheet before you hand in your thesis. Have your supervisor fill out the grade sheet at the same time that he or she signs your thesis. Remember that your final thesis grade must be handed in with your thesis. In emergencies we will accept phoned-in or emailed grades from supervisors as long as the grade sheet is sent promptly.

19. Copies, Binders, Labels and Clips

MEng Thesis assembly - binders and clipsSubmit only two (2) copies of your thesis. They must both be on acid free paper. The title page (see samples in Section 26 and Section 27) must bear your and your thesis supervisor's original signatures as well as the signature of the 6-A company thesis supervisor if VI-A thesis. The Departmental signature will be provided later. In addition to the two copies submitted to 38-476, it is customary to give your thesis supervisor at least one copy when you finish.

The copies must be submitted in temporary binders consisting of two pieces of cardboard and binder clips, pictured right. (Note the placement of the binder clip at the upper left of the document including the covers). These are available for free (recycled) at MIT Archives, and new at CopyTech. Do not hole-punch or bind your thesis in any other way. On the front cover of each binder, tape a label containing your name.

20. The Thesis Receipt/Grade Sheet and the Degree List

Before you come to the Course VI Undergraduate Office to submit your thesis, use the checklist  to be sure you're ready. You must bring two copies of the grade sheet/thesis receipt form with you when you hand in your thesis. Do not trust anyone else to hand carry the grade sheet or let it be sent in the Institute mail. At that time your name will be checked against the Degree List. [If you intend to graduate in that term and you're not on that list (which is maintained by the Registrar) you will need to add yourself at http://student.mit.edu.  If you've followed these instructions successfully, your thesis will be accepted, and your thesis receipt/grade sheet will be stamped with an official Department stamp. Keep your receipt; it is your evidence that you did turn in a thesis.

21. Put Your Thesis in MIT's DSpace Thesis Collection

To facilitate electronic access to the research done by Course 6 students, we are requiring that students deposit their thesis in DSpace, MIT's long-term digital storage facility (you'll need to have a DSpace account for the link to work). When you have done this, you will receive a receipt via email. Please print this receipt and bring it with you when you submit your thesis.   

21a. Course VI Exit Survey

We are eager to receive your feedback about your experiences in Course VI to improve our programs. We will use this information only in the aggregate without student names or identifiers, so please be entirely honest. When you have completed the survey, please bring your survey receipt with your thesis and other materials to 38-476.


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