6.886 Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing


Graduate H-Level
Units: 3-0-9
Prereqs:  Basic knowledge of computer and data networks
Instructor:  Prof. Dina Katabi, dina@csail.mit.edu
Schedule:  Fridays 2-5, Room 32-155
This subject qualifies as a subject in the Computer Systems or Communications Engineering Concentration
Recent years have witnessed major advances in wireless networks and mobile computing.  These advances include means for transforming what traditionally has been perceived as a scarce spectrum into an abundant resource. They also encompass techniques for overcoming wireless interference and sometimes exploiting it to increase performance, as well as many new exciting applications such as wireless medical implants, mobile video, and location services.  This class studies such cutting edge wireless technologies, and zooms in on the underlying protocols, systems, and transmission and reception techniques that enable them. It addresses the following four topics: spectrum efficiency, security, energy consumption, and mobile applications. The class is project oriented.  Students will read and discuss the most recent papers on wireless and mobile computing, and build on the work to come up with their own ideas and incorporate them into innovative projects.