6.S195 Computer Architecture Laboratory


Prereq: 6.004
Units: 3-8-1
Schedule: MWF3, room 4-153

Staff: Professors Arvind (arvind@mit.edu), Joel Emer (emer@csail.mit.edu, Li-Shiuan Peh (peh@csail.mit.edu)



Satisfies the laboratory requirement

Lectures and labs illustrate a constructive approach to computer architecture. Topics include combinational and pipelined ALUs, in-order pipelined microarchitectures, branch prediction, blocking and unblocking caches, interrupts, virtual memory support, cache coherence and multicore architectures. Weekly labs in Bluespec to illustrate various aspects of microprocessor design, culminating in a term project in which students would present a multicore design running on an FPGA board. 12 Engineering Design Points.