Women's Technology Program completes its 12th summer

July 31, 2013

The MIT Women’s Technology Program in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has just finished its 12th summer — introducing 40 high school rising female seniors to the challenges and excitement of engineering and computer science.

For one month 40 WTP-EECS students attended hands-on lab classes in Computer Science, Discrete Math and Electrical Engineering, with final projects that included coding Tetris games and building AM radios. MIT EECS graduate students designed the curriculum and taught the classes, assisted by MIT undergraduate students and recent alumnae. Meet the 2013 WTP-EECS staff.

The WTP-EECS students also heard about MIT research from EECS Department faculty members, took side trips to laboratories on campus, and learned about careers in industry.

WTP has tracked the career paths of its alumnae since its inception in 2002; over 65% have majored in engineering or computer science in college, with another 22% in science or mathematics. This fall 19 of the 40 WTP-EECS students from summer 2012 will enter MIT as freshmen members of the class 2017!

For more information visit the Women’s Technology Program website. There is also a 20-student WTP-ME curriculum track in Mechanical Engineering that was added in 2006.  Applications for summer 2014 will be available in November 2013.