Smith elected 2008 Fellow OSA, recipient of 2008 Nano 50 Innovator Award

November 18, 2008

Henry I. Smith, EECS professor and principal investigator in the Research Laboratory of Electronics, RLE, has been elected a fellow of the Optics Society of America, OSA. Prof. Smith's research includes nanofabrication, electronic and photonic devices, and a wide range of applications of nanostructures.

As described in his RLE biography, "Prof. Smith and his co-workers are responsible for a number of innovations in nanoscale science and engineering, including: comformable-photomask lithography, x-ray lithography, the phase-shift mask, the attenuating phase shifter, spatial-phase-locked e-beam lithography, achromatic-interference lithography, spatial-frequency doubling, coherent-diffraction lithography, immersion photolithography, zone-plate-array lithography, absorbance-modulation optical lithography, interferometric alignment, graphoepitaxy, subboundary entrainment, templated self-assembly, nanomembrane assembly, and a variety of quantum-effect, short-channel, single-electron, nanomagnetic, photonic-crystal and microphotonic devices. Prof. Smith holds over 30 US patents and has published over 400 technical articles. Further information on the Nanostructures Lab at MIT, including publications, can be found at

Prof. Smith was also recognized at the NASA Tech Briefs National Nano Engineering Conference in Boston, November 12 and 13, as one of 50 Nanotech Briefs innovators in 2008. The 50 winners of the fourth annual Nanotech Briefs Nano 50 Awards are recognized as innovators of technologies and products that have significantly impacted -- or are expected to impact -- the state of the art in nanotechnology.

Congratulations Hank Smith!