Nine members of the EECS community receive Infinite Mile Awards

May 26, 2015

The 2015 Infinite Mile Award winners with School of Engineering Dean Ian Waitz, back left.EECS graduate office IMA award-winning team, from left Kathy McCoy, Claire Benoit, Janet Fischer, Dean Waitz, Jocelyn Thompson and Alicia Duarte.Dorothy Curtis poses with Dean Ian Waitz.Deb Hodges-Pabon receives the 2015 IMA from Dean Waitz.

The School of Engineering hosted its 2015 Infinite Mile Awards (IMA) event on Tuesday, May 19 in the Grier Rooms for a full house of awardees, colleagues, families and friends. Of the 18 recipients, nine were from or associated with the EECS community.

Myung-Hee Vabulas*, assistant to Associate Department Head David Perreault, won the Infinite Mile Award for Excellence for her abilities to simultaneously track, prioritize and flawlessly execute a tremendous range of tasks that are critical to the department’s operation — including all the promotion and tenure cases this past year as well as managing the department’s laboratory facilities, where she became an expert in circuit assembly. [*Not pictured because she was unable to attend.]

EECS Graduate Office administrative team including Claire Benoit, Alicia Duarte, Janet Fischer, Kathleen McCoy and Jocelyn Thompson, received the 2015 IMA for their dedication as a team to ensuring that every student who enters as an EECS graduate student is carefully guided through their multi-year academic experience — while making each student feel valued as an important member of the MIT community. They were also cited for their dedication to making the EECS Visit Days happen despite the unprecedented winter weather.

Dorothy Curtis as the recipient of the Ellen J. Mandigo Award for Outstanding Service, was cited for the pivotal role she plays in important administrative processes across the School of Engineering and the Institute. From the EECS online faculty search site, which she has designed and managed and which is now used by every department in the School of Engineering, the Dean’s Office and the Sloan School, to her caring manner and ability to work with a wide range of people across the Institute, Curtis was praised for her contributions.

Two members of the Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) were recipients of the IMA, including Pat Burkhart and Deb Hodges-Pabon.

Pat Burkhart is MTL’s Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator. In a facility such as MTL where multiple fabrication tools and many safety hazards including toxic gasses, and other safety hazards including radioactive materials and lasers used by over 550 authorized users from multiple departments, Burkhart was cited for her abilities to work creatively to achieve effective ways to keep everyone safe. [Pat is pictured seated left, in the front row of the group IMA photo.]

Deb Hodges-Pabon, the Human Resources Administrator for the Microsystems Technology Laboratory (MTL), is a well-known member of the MTL, EECS and the MIT communities. Not only is Hodges-Pabon responsible for all personnel matters in MTL, but she is also involved with overseeing space renovations and serves as the primary event coordinator. She was cited in the IMA for her dedication to helping students and any member of the MTL (and EECS) community.