New! International Undergraduate Research Projects (IROPs) in Hong Kong

September 29, 2009

Prof. Bert Shi from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), a EECS Visiting Faculty at MIT this Fall (09) is looking for energetic undergraduates to begin working on two research projects right away, continuing in the Spring term and then traveling with him this summer 2010 to continue research at HKUST in Hong Kong for project completion. Travel and housing will be covered. (Read more at: IROP0910).

These exciting research opportunities are exclusively available to Course 6 Juniors and Seniors. You should send your resume right away to Prof. Shi at:

Project 1: Learning hand-eye coordination
A typical task in robotics is to control a robot arm to reach towards a point where the robot is looking. In many cases, this is done through an explicit representation of the world. This project seeks to investigate ways to enable a robot to learn different arm configurations similar to the way a baby might learn the relationship between arm joint angles by watching its hands. We anticipate that much of the model development will take place at MIT, while experiments on a robotic hand-eye system will take place during the summer at KHUST.

Project 2: Real-time visual processing on NVIDIA Graphics Cards
NVIDIA graphics cards are well known among the PC gaming community for their high speed performance. Perhaps less well-known is the fact that these cards can be exploited for scientific engineering computation. NVIDIA’s freely available CUDA computing architecture provides a convenient way to access the parallel computing capabilities of their graphic cards. A very promising application of this technology is in the implementation of models of biological neural networks for visual processing. The goal of this project is to investigate efficient algorithms for the implementation of real time models of visual processing using the CUDA platform.

printable poster (pdf).