Masterworks 2013 - a new setting features masterful presentations

May 7, 2013

On April 30, thirty EECS Masters and MEng students presented their work to over 350 peers, faculty, industry visitors and the general MIT public in the Stata Center Student Street, a new venue for EECS Masterworks. Each spring Masters and MEng students in the EECS Department have the opportunity to present their thesis work to peers and faculty for review, discourse and evaluation for selection for the Morris Joseph Levin Masterworks Thesis Presentation Awards and for experience in defending their work. The winners of the Levin award this year were Farnaz Niroui and Peter Iannucci. Niroui completed her project titled "Electromechanical Modulation of Electrical Conduction through Organic Thin Films for Switching Applications," under the supervision of EECS Professors Vladimir Bulovic and Jeffrey Lang. Iannucci completed his project titled "Towards Rateless Wireless Networks," under the supervision of EECS Professor Hari Balakrishnan.

The other main feature to the presentations was Lizzy's ice cream, amply served to nearly 350 (participants and attendees). Two raffles were held for which three attendees who had answered questions pertaining to the presentations and three presenters were selected at random. Prizes generously provided by Apple and Samsung included 2 iPad mini devices (first raffle pull for each group), 2 AppleTV's (second pull), and 2 Samsung tablets (third pull). Attendee winners included first Jesika Haria, second Andrew Mikofalvy and third, Victor Costan. Presenter winners included first Amira Eltony, second Guolong Su, and third Christina Lee. The event was organized by EECS Professors Tomas Palacios and Seth Teller, assisted by EECS administrators Joseph Baylon, Bryt Bradley (CSAIL), Chris Papadopoulos, and Patricia Sampson.