Lu receives Bronze Award at 27th Army Science Conference

February 19, 2011

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department faculty member and principal investigator with the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE), Timothy K. Lu is the second place (bronze) winner at the 27th Army Science Conference held Nov. 29 - Dec. 2, 2010, for the paper titled "Next-Genration Antimicrobial Agents for Combating Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria." Lu's work is a collaboration with (paper co-author) James J. Collins at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Boston University. This paper has also been awarded Best Paper in the Biomedical Technologies track at this conference.

Timothy Lu received his undergraduate and M.Eng. degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2003. He obtained an M.D. from Harvard Medical School and Ph.D. (in 2010) from the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Medical Engineering and Medical Physics Program. Tim has won the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize, Grand Prize in the National Inventor Hall of Fame's Collegiate Inventors Competition, and the Leon Reznick Memorial Prize for "outstanding performance in research" from Harvard Medical School. He has also been selected as a Kavli Fellow by the National Academy of Sciences and a Siebel Scholar. Lu was selected as a Technology Review under 35 Young Innovator in August, 2010.

Joining the EECS Department in 2010 as assistant professor, Lu also heads, within the Research Laboratory of Electronics, the Synthetic Biology Group which is focused on advancing fundamental designs and applications for synthetic biology inspired by electrical engineering and computer science. The group is developing new techniques for constructing, probing, modulating, and modeling engineered biological circuits. Current application areas include infectious diseases, amyloid-associated conditions, and cancer. Lu is also an Associate Member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and a cofounder of Novophage Therapeutics (now Ascendia Biotechnology).

Congratulations Tim!

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