Liskov is winner of the Katayanagi Prize for Research Excellence in Computer Science

October 17, 2011

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, CSAIL Principal Investigator and EECS faculty member Barbara Liskov has been awarded a Katayanagi Prize for Research Excellence. The Katayanagi Prizes in Computer Science are awarded annually to the best and brightest researchers in the field of computer science, presented by Carnegie Mellon University and endowed by Japanese entrepreneur and education advocate Koh Katayanagi.

Liskov, an Institute Professor at MIT and head of the Programming Methodolgy Group at CSAIL, is world-renowned for her pioneering work in programming languages and distributed systems. In 2009, she received the A.M. Turing Award from the Association for Computing Machinery.

"Barbara Liskov has made many fundamental contributions to computer science, including the development of several important programming languages, new theories of object-oriented programming and important algorithms for managing distributed systems," said Randal E. Bryant, dean of the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science.

Her work has made software more reliable and easier to maintain. Among her contributions is the Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP), which she formalized in 1994 with Jeannette Wing, now head of Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science Department. Programmers routinely define new types of objects from existing ones, through class hierarchies, for example, in languages such as Java or C#. LSP characterizes when it is safe to substitute an object of a subtype for an object of the parent type, thus preventing strange behaviors when the program is run.

In addition to the Turing Award, Liskov was the recipient of the IEEE John von Neumann Medal in 2004. She is a Fellow of the ACM and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. She was the first U.S. woman to receive a Ph.D. from a computer science department, which she earned at Stanford in 1968."

Congratulations Barbara!