Linked Data, a Semantic Web tool, to be taught by Berners-Lee & team FT2010

June 21, 2010

EECS faculty member Tim Berners-Lee and a group of Boston web gurus will be leading a new graduate H-level class, 6.898, titled Linked Data Ventures: New Web Technologies, Standards, and Business Models. Co-instructors include CSAIL's K. Krasnow Waterman and Lalana Kagal, plus IT entrepreneurship experts Reed Sturtevant and Katie Rae.

Students will learn about the Semantic Web from executives and practitioners using Semantic Web technologies in their companies, and will learn how to use these technologies through lectures and hands-on labs. A semester-long team-based project will culminate in sustainable prototypes that could be freeware or have the potential to be commercialized in the future, and will serve as a good launching point for entering into the MIT 100k competition. At the end of the semester, each project team will do a business presentation in front of the whole class and a panel of outside experts and judges, as well as a technical presentation as the conclusion of the lab.

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