Harry Lee is inaugural holder of EECS Advanced Television and Signal Processing Chair

August 25, 2010

Department Head Eric Grimson announced to colleagues yesterday the formation of a new endowed Chair, the Advanced Television and Signal Processing Professorship, made possible by EECS Professor Jae Lim, and given to EECS Professor Hae-Seung (Harry) Lee.

Jae Lim made creation of the new chair possible in honor of his research group, the Advanced Television and Signal Processing Professorship at the Research Laboratory of Electronics, RLE. In his announcement, Department Head Grimson said: "The Department greatly appreciates Jae's thoughtful gesture in creating this new chair." He also described Harry Lee's contributions to greater efficiency in modern electronics and to the leadership in the Microsystems Technology Laboratories and to teaching excellence in the EECS Department.

"Harry joined the faculty in 1984, after completing his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, where he worked on self-calibration techniques for A/D converters. He is internationally known for his research since then in the areas of analog integrated circuits, early vision circuits, fabrication technologies, and solid-state sensors. Recent innovations include the development (jointly with Charlie Sodini's group) of comparator-based switched capacitor (CBSC) analog circuits, which eliminate operational amplifiers while maintaining virtually all benefits of operational amplifier-based circuits, an approach that leads to greater power efficiency than conventional analog approaches.

In addition to running an active and productive research group, Harry also serves as Associate Director of MTL, and receives great reviews from students for his educational contributions to 6.301 (Solid State Circuits), 6.775 (CMOS Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design) and 6.002 (Circuits and Electronics). The Department appreciates Harry's many contributions to research, to teaching, and to mentoring, and we are delighted to name him as the first holder of this new chair."

Congratulations Harry!