Gifford named 2011 ACM Fellow

December 15, 2011

David K. Gifford, member of the EECS Department and professor of Computer Science & Engineering, has been selected by the Association for Computing Machinery, the ACM, as one of 46 for the class of 2011 Fellows. He is recognized "for contributions to distributed systems, e-commerce and content distribution."

Department Head Chandrakasan announced this award to EECS faculty members noting Gifford's many accomplishments:

"David Gifford is one of the most innovative thinkers in the design and implementation of distributed computers systems and a true visionary who states and solves problems that matter. Dave pioneered many topics: file systems architecture and implementation, broad scale content distribution and then later content distribution networking technology commercialized by SightPath Corporation, his early innovation in e-commerce, and distributed replication (his weighted voting technique). All of these contributions have led to influential, widely-cited publications in the top conferences in computer systems.

David Gifford has made four outstanding contributions to distributed computer systems: (1) His seminal paper on weighted voting is standard undergraduate textbook material and has influenced the data replication schemes in use today; (2) Gifford is the sole author of the first patent on content distribution, which precedes all research and companies in that area; (3) Gifford also holds pioneering patents in e-commerce, as the founder of one of the first e-commerce companies, OpenMarket; and (4) Gifford and Spector wrote several influential case studies about distributed computer systems that have been standard teaching material for decades. In addition to these contributions, Gifford has had major impact on the design of computer programming languages and computational biology. His work on computational biology has focused on novel machine learning approaches for discovery that have yielded a wide range of biological advances."

Congratulations David!