EECS in the Media: CRN cites 7 wireless technologies generated by EECS/CSAIL faculty, students and alumni

October 17, 2012

CRN cites MIT/EECS/CSAIL for 7 new wireless technologies that will change our lives


Calling it a glimpse into the future, technology news website CRN has hailed MIT EECS/CSAIL faculty and the new Wireless@MIT center as the source for seven new technologies that will impact (favorably) our daily lives.  Included in these seven technologies for example, are Anantha Chandrakasan's development of wearable energy wireless sensor nodes that will serve wireless needs and be powered by energy harvesting from body heat and movement, and Li-Shiuan Peh's development of  Distributed Programming Layer Over Mobile Agents (DIPLOMA), a type of programming that would enable mobile phones to process data locally.