Celebrating the World Wide Web at 25!

March 12, 2014

Celebrating the World Wide Web's 25th birthdayToday, March 12, 2014, marks the 25th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee's proposal for managing general information about accelerators and experiments at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research based in Geneva where Berners-Lee worked at the time as a software engineer. He proposed building a distributed (global) hypertext system which he initially called "Mesh" updating it a year later to the "World Wide Web" as he wrote the code. See his proposal as posted on the world Wide Web Consortium, the W3C.

Read more about what has become over these 25 years a new world reality with more than 2 billion people using Berners-Lee's invention. Some of the many articles include discussions about his hopes for the next 25 years of the World Wide Web.

Thank you Tim!  (Readers:  don't forget to share birthday greetings on social media using #web25.)