Balakrishnan is named for Fujitsu Chair

October 1, 2011

Professor Hari Balakrishnan has been named for the Fujitsu Chair. Donated by the Fujitsu Corporation, the Fujitsu Chair was established in 1988 to encourage superior performance by MIT faculty in the EECS Department. Robert Gallager, the original Fujitsu Professor held the chair until 1996 when it was passed to Rodney Brooks. Madhu Sudan held the Fujitsu Chair from 2005.

Hari Balakrishnan's research is in networked computer systems. His current interests are in system software, network protocols, and data management for a world of "truly mobile" connected devices. Previous work includes the RON overlay network, the Chord DHT, the Cricket location system, the CarTel mobile sensing system, and cross-layer wireless protocols such as snoop TCP and SoftPHY. He has also contributed to verifiable Internet routing, congestion control, network security and privacy, energy-efficient protocols, stream processing, and data management systems. He is an ACM Fellow (2008), a Sloan Fellow (2002), an ACM dissertation award winner (1998), and has received several best-paper awards including the IEEE Bennett prize (2004) and the ACM SIGCOMM "test of time" award (2011). He has also received awards for excellence in teaching and research at MIT (Spira, Junior Bose, and the Harold Edgerton faculty achievement award).

In 2003, Balakrishnan co-founded StreamBase Systems, the first high-performance commercial event stream processing (aka complex event processing) engine. Between 2000 and 2003, he helped devise the key algorithms for Sandburst Corporation's (acquired by Broadcom) high-speed network QoS chipset. He is an advisor to Meraki and on the Board of Trustees of IMDEA Networks in Spain.

Hari has taught the graduate class 6.829 (Computer Networks), 6.033 (Computer Systems Engineering), taken by almost all CS undergrads, and 6.02 (Intro to EECS-II: Digital Communication Systems), taken by all Course VI undergrads.

Congratulations Hari!