6.081/6.087 Building mobile applications - yields top grade apps

December 22, 2008

As announced by EECS faculty member, Hal Abelson, creator and instructor of 6.081/6.087, Building Mobile Applications, students' work and presentations this past fall 2008 term "were terrific!" 6.081/6.087 was an experimental course offered by the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in cooperation with the MIT Media Lab, the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, and with MIT's Information and Technology organization. The course was also taught by Prof. Sandy Pentland (Media Arts and Sciences), and Prof. Eric Klopfer (DUSP), with the assistance of Andrew Yu, manager of IS&T's mobile devices platform project, and Luis Sarmenta from the MIT Media Lab. The course focused on how to pick a project idea and rapidly bring it to fruition through the prototype phase.

Students worked in project teams. One noteworthy feature of the course was its use of mentors, professional application developers from the Boston-area software developer community who volunteered to work with the teams. Department Head Eric Grimson (and Abelson) gratefully acknowledged team mentors: Hitesh Bajaj, Eric Carlson, Iolanthe Chronis, Isaac De La Pena Ambite, Chris Felknor, Kathryn Fialkowski, Wendy Fong, Maryam Kamvar, Taemie Kim, Anmol Madan, Rich Miner, Dave Mitchell, Paul Oka, Joe Onorato, Steve Strassmann, Rajeev Surati, Paul Wisner, and John Wolfe.

The final class was a public presentation on December 12 attended by the press, local industry, and technology venture funders. The ten teams which presented fully workable applications included: Mobile Trader ("An on-the-go marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers"), Marauder ("Feel the pulse of the city"), Ballyhoo ("Integrating the mobile phone with the shopping experience"), TrainMe ("The first fitness trainer that fits in your pocket"), CashTrack ("Manage and share expenses between friends and family"), Memento ("Tired of organizing and grouping photos? With Memento you'll never need to!"), Moca ("A shortage of doctors prevents millions from receiving proper diagnosis and treatment. Care is now a touch away."), Eclectyk ("Lose the wallet. Use Eclectyk to store the contents of your wallet on a Near Field Communications-enabled phone, which can emulate a contactless card"), UberCal ("A friendly calendar application for your windows mobile device"), Mem2D ("Manage events on the go!"). All presentations are viewable via YouTube.

For more specifics, visit: http://people.csail.mit.edu/hal/mobile-apps-fall-08/

See: "MIT students build mobile applications in 13 weeks" (Doug Aamoth, CrunchGear)

Congratulations 6.081/6.087 teams (and instructors)!!!