MISTI MIT-Russia Program: Cyber Inferno:Seven Circles


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Eugene Kaspersky, the founder of Kaspersky Lab

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Friday, April 4, 2014 - 12:00pm

If alive today Dante would no doubt be shocked at how today's seven circles are not those of Hell but seven circles of cyberthreats. As in Inferno, the modern-day cyberthreat circles relate to chronological stages. It all started in Limbo - the first circle - with researchers playing around with malicious code. The latest - seventh circle (curiously in Inferno - Violence) - is that of the deadly cyberthreat emerging out of militarization of the Internet and an escalation of a global cyber arms race: cyber terrorists, whose copying and customization of malicious code - probably developed by state-backed players - really could turn the world into an inferno.

In his presentation, Eugene Kaspersky will detail the evolution of cyberthreats - from the reasonably innocuous to the deadly serious that could cause world catastrophes. In parallel he will indicate the corresponding security measures that arose, are currently arising, and need to arise in the future: from the first preventive measure - formatting floppy discs, through simple antivirus and later Internet security suites, and on to today's Critical Infrastructure Protection and much-needed international cyberarms control negotiations.

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Sponsor(s): Center for International Studies, MISTI MIT-Russia Program

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