Fireside Chat with Wen | Smarking - from MIT Start6 to Y-Combinator in Silicon Valley: story sharing & potential opportunity


Event Speaker: 

Wen Sang

Event Location: 

Grier A (34-401)

Event Date/Time: 

Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 6:00pm

What: Fireside Chat with Wen | Smarking - from MIT Start6 to Y-Combinator in Silicon Valley: story sharing & potential opportunity

When: Thursday 3/31 6pm

Where: Grier A (34-401)


Wanna learn about the story of how an MIT student project became a venture backed Silicon Valley start up? Smarking (MIT Start6 14' and GFSA 14' alum) is hosting a private party on campus! Come join us for great food on this beautiful Thursday evening, and hang out with Wen the CEO/Co-founder (MIT PhD 14') and his colleague Diego for stories of this group of passionate young people who set forth their journey to shift the urban transportation landscape with data technologies. 

About Smarking

Smarking is a fast growing Khosla Ventures and Y Combinator backed early stage tech company based in San Francisco. By providing data analytics enterprise SaaS to the parking industry (the first ever), Smarking is pursuing an emerging market of ~$10 Billion in the US and $40 Billion worldwide. In a long run, Smarking aims to digitize the parking supply inventory worldwide and solve the parking problem by sharing real time and predictive parking data with the general public via consumer facing applications, navigation/map services, automobiles, and even driverless vehicles. 

Smarking's team is a driven group of data scientists, engineers, and business professionals with deep root from MIT. At Smarking, we enable the opportunities of rapid growth for the top achievers. We love those who persistently lead (make things happen), hack (solve problem faster & better), and grow (strive to turn oneself into the person s/he dreams to be in 5 years in the shortest possible time). With both champions of the MIT Pokerbot Competition (2013) and MIT Data Challenge (2014) on the team, Smarking is actively seeking one more member to join the team as a Sr. Generalist Software Engineer.

About StartMIT

StartMIT Inspires MIT students to learn about entrepreneurship. Through the “Start6″ program — launched in January 2014 and renamed StartMIT in January 2016— we are offering opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students and postdocs at MIT to learn more about the nuts and bolts of taking these ideas to the next level and build a successful company. Topics include (but are not limited to) equity division, models of funding, marketing, scalability, and team building. Additionally, we plan to highlight some of the campus resources already available to students, including the Venture Mentoring Service, TLO, and the 100K Challenge.

Wen Sang | CEO & Co-founder, Smarking Inc. | | 617.816.1666 

Kate G. Boison | Development Officer, MIT EECS || 617.252.1578